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Public Meeting #1


Standing Room Only at Initial Work Group Sessions

ARC’s┬áconference room was packed all day! Each session was well attended with great feedback from public, private and stakeholder representatives. This input will be considered, along with the public meeting comments and ideas (March 8th) and then woven into the report by each work group leader.

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Workgroups Meeting February 24th

If you’re interested in getting deeper into the project, then our workgroups are the place for you! All five workgroups will be meeting on Friday, Feb 24th. Please RSVP for the groups you’d like to participate in! These are the available groups:

9 AM: Housing Choice and Buildings. If you’re interested in housing, affordability, or built form, this is for you!
10:30 AM: Economic Development. If you’re interested in commercial development, jobs, or the economy, this is for you!
1:30 PM: Circulation and Connectivity. If you’re interested in walking, biking, transit, or other ways of getting around, this is for you!
3 PM: Sustainability and Open Space. If you’re interested in parks, the environment, or sustainability, this is for you!
4:30 PM: Placemaking, Branding and Wayfinding. If you’re interested in culture, public art, or how people view the neighborhood, this is for you!

All workgroups will be held at Asakura Robinson’s offices at 1902 Washington Avenue (entrance on Silver Street).

First WAve Open House is a success!

The initial open house and information meeting on February 7th was extremely well attended. We welcomed 80+ residents, business owners, developers, students, employees and city staff. Most of whom are on the same page but all have amazing and different ideas and suggestions. Make sure to join us at our public meetings to share your dreams and vision for the Washington Avenue Neighborhood. Meeting dates and locations to be announced. Stay tuned…

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