First WAve Open House is a success!

The initial open house and information meeting on February 7th was extremely well attended. We welcomed 80+ residents, business owners, developers, students, employees and city staff. Most of whom are on the same page but all have amazing and different ideas and suggestions. Make sure to join us at our public meetings to share your dreams and vision for the Washington Avenue Neighborhood. Meeting dates and locations to be announced. Stay tuned…

New neighbors with a voice – love it!

Super Neighborhood 22 contributes

Councilman Gonzalez puts his thoughts on paper

Zakcq explains how to get involved

City Staff share their ideas

Where do you live, work, play, see opportunities?

Signing up for the focus groups

How would you describe Wash Ave?

Our attendees know what they want! How about you…?


2 thoughts on “First WAve Open House is a success!

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  2. Paul Nicosia says:

    Don’t forget to get the information from SN22’s previous planning sessions which have a lot of these items, and more. Additionally, a good mix of retail / restaurants and housing would be nice.

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