Workgroups Meeting February 24th

If you’re interested in getting deeper into the project, then our workgroups are the place for you! All five workgroups will be meeting on Friday, Feb 24th. Please RSVP for the groups you’d like to participate in! These are the available groups:

9 AM: Housing Choice and Buildings. If you’re interested in housing, affordability, or built form, this is for you!
10:30 AM: Economic Development. If you’re interested in commercial development, jobs, or the economy, this is for you!
1:30 PM: Circulation and Connectivity. If you’re interested in walking, biking, transit, or other ways of getting around, this is for you!
3 PM: Sustainability and Open Space. If you’re interested in parks, the environment, or sustainability, this is for you!
4:30 PM: Placemaking, Branding and Wayfinding. If you’re interested in culture, public art, or how people view the neighborhood, this is for you!

All workgroups will be held at Asakura Robinson’s offices at 1902 Washington Avenue (entrance on Silver Street).


6 thoughts on “Workgroups Meeting February 24th

  1. Look forward to participating

  2. C. Patrick McIlvain says:

    Just need to know where, please……

    • zakcq says:

      At Asakura Robinson’s office, 1902 Washington (corner of Silver). There is still space for all of the workshops, so please feel free to attend more than one.

  3. Jacklyn says:

    What are we to expect in these workgroups? Do we need to research info before participating? I just like to be given a heads us before volunteering. Thanks.

  4. Mona Metzger says:

    Wish I could have made the first meeting but full schedule already. Look forward to future meetings.

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