Monthly Archives: January 2013

BetterHouston a finalist for an ArtsPlace Grant!

We are thrilled to announce that BetterHouston has been chosen as a finalist for an ArtsPlace Grant for the ArtWAVE initiative.  The official announcement and a list of all the finalists can be found HERE.

In an effort to begin implementation of some of the recommendations proposed in the
Washington Avenue Livable Centers Study, BetterHouston and Asakura Robinson, in conjunction with Crockett Elementary, MECA, and several other community partners submitted an application for the Grant in November.  The Grant would jumpstart some of our placemaking initiatives, in particular those concerning parks and open spaces, public art, and locally-scaled businesses.  The community spent many hours at the end of last year working towards submitting a strong application and their hard work and dedication has resulted in our position as a finalist.

We are excited to move forward as we work with the community and BetterHouston to submit a full proposal!  Stay tuned for the results….