Neighborland started in New Orleans in June 2011 with a simple question: “What if residents could easily share their ideas for improving their neighborhoods?” Could these ideas help community leaders, entrepreneurs, and developers better meet the needs their communities? Can presenting this data in a transparent and friendly way help shape the development of a neighborhood?

Using the Neighborland site, we’re looking for ideas that are creative, feasible, and supported by our neighbors. Take a look around the site and you’ll see neighbors sharing ideas and answering questions about their communities. We believe sketching an idea that might benefit your neighborhood is a meaningful civic action, and with Neighborland you don’t need to go to a city council meeting or be friends with a developer to do it. We’re working hard to make sure your ideas are seen by the right people and incorporated into the Washington Avenue Livable Center Plan.

The Goal of Neighborland is to help the community shape the development of their neighborhoods. We hope that Neighborland will create meaningful connections between neighbors, community leaders, property owners, developers, and our local government.

Click here to participate.


4 thoughts on “Neighborland

  1. Richard Beck says:

    Okay, I like the idea. Is there some place beside leaving comments that people can add ideas to?

    Is there going to be a Wiki or something else that people can contribute to and where ideas can be shared for comment and critique as well as for compiling these into an idea “scrapbook”.

    People who live in or frequent this area also travel to other places where they might see things they like that they take pictures of an want to share with the group, what will be the means for doing this? Literal sketches on a napkin or white board could be photographed and uploaded to a brainstorming area.

  2. Richard Beck says:

    The Click Here to Participate thing is not a link, is it meant to be?

  3. zakcq says:


    The neighborland portion of the site will be launching later this week. I’ll send you a message as soon as it’s up.

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